Natt Weller, son of rocker Paul Weller, comes out bisexual

Tue. December 9, 2014 10:34 AM by

Musician Natt Weller has come out bisexual.

Natt, the son of English singer-songwriter Paul Weller, told UK gay glossy Attitude that he realized he wasn't 100% heterosexual at 17.

"Up to that point, I'd only had girlfriends," Natt, 26, revealed in Attitude's annual Sex Issue. "But it was then that I started to find boys attractive and thought, 'Oh wow, these guys are prettier than my girlfriend!'"

"It was only when I had more of a profile that it got difficult because my dad's shtick is that working class hero thing. The media see him as this alpha male character, even though The Style Council was pretty homoerotic! But I knew there was nothing to worry about because he is always pretty accepting of people."

He added that he's never actually come out to his father.

"When I had boyfriends, I would be with them all the time, so it became pretty obvious they were more than just friends," Natt said. "Dad just put two and two together. We never actually actually sat down and said the words."

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