Last Stop Films Shooting Movie in Boystown

Wed. July 23, 2008 12:00 AM by Windy City Media Group

movie filming in front of pie hole pizza in boystown

photo credit // doug brandt
Chicago, IL - Crews for Last Stop Films have been filming in Boystown for their newest flick, whose working title is Last Stop. According to a press release, the movie "tells the story of the girl who wanted the boy who slept with boys who was loved by a boy who hated the girl because the boy she wanted really wanted him too. … In other words, a typical Saturday night on Halsted." Filming is scheduled throughout July.

Although the producers have not explicitly revealed plot details to him, Doug Brandt—owner of Pie Hole Pizza Joint, 737 W. Roscoe—knows that characters converge in scenes filmed at his restaurant. Brandt said that he jumped at the opportunity to participate when the filmmakers approached local business owners.

"They were dead-set on taking advantage of Chicago," Brandt said. "They wanted to use actual locations and feature real businesses. They want to showcase Boystown for what it's really like."

Brandt maintains a MySpace page for Pie Hole ( ) , and recently posted an invitation for extras to help in a club scene at his restaurant. Filming often runs from 6 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning, but Brandt keeps his restaurant open during the hubbub.

When asked if such a rigorous film schedule interrupts his business, Brandt said, "We did close the first night they filmed, by choice, because we all wanted to be extras in the movie." Since then, Pie Hole remains open during the shoots.

"We haven't lost any money," Brandt said. "The exposure really helps us, and the crew has been cool."

In addition to Pie Hole, producers at Last Stop Films use scenes from Center on Halsted and Sidetrack, as well as shots of various building façades. They are also featuring local musicians on the soundtrack.

"We really liked Chicago because of its urban but still completely Midwestern character," said director Andrew Rodriguez in the statement. "It will help make some of the events seem all the more over-the-top.

"We love filming in this neighborhood," said J.D. Stimson, Jr., the movie's writer and director, in the press release. "The bar patrons at 2 a.m. are like deer in headlights when they see all the equipment, so we manage around that. But the residents of the neighborhood have been extremely accommodating and helpful."

Written by Liz Grange
Article provided in partnership with Windy City Media Group.