Howard Brown Health Center establishes community advisory board

Thu. June 12, 2014 8:52 AM by News Staff

howard brown health center

New community advisory board to shape HBHC's future

Chicago, IL - Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC) has established its newest community advisory board (CAB), which provides feedback on the center's current programs and advises the organization on its future developments.

A statement released by HBHC noted members of CAB help out on matters big and small, "Over the last year, members improved the accessibility of language on patient forms, gave feedback on the strategic plan, discussed hours of operation, articulated areas of need for national LGBTQ research, and more."

The new members include Jesse Gauger-Kiraly, Kenneth Humphrey, Andy McCrea, Armando Ramirez, Rich Scinteie, Ron Sy, Ginger Tanton and Joseph R. Varisco.

Returning members include Riley Johnson, Brian McIntosh, Patricia Pratt, Oli Rodriguez and Charles Samuel.

The statement added, "Members represent a variety of educational and income levels, race and ethnic identities, and sexual and gender orientations. And like many current patients, some CAB members received treatment at HBHC while uninsured.

"As the group meets in the year ahead, HBHC will continue to rely on their unique voice, and patients will continue to get the best care possible as a result."

From a news release