Op-Ed: When the time comes, LGBTs should respect the passing of Fred Phelps

Mon. March 17, 2014 8:59 AM by Bill Pritchard

On Sunday, the Internet was abuzz with news that Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps Sr., the controversial anti-gay leader of Westboro Baptist Church, was "on the edge of death." (Full story from ChicagoPride.com)

Just as quickly came the posts calling for LGBTs to picket his funeral. Friends and family began to ask me, "Is that the right thing?"

It's true Fred Phelps Sr. is a monster. In 1955, he founded the Kansas-based hate church that's known for interrupting military funerals with signs that read "No Fags in Heaven" and "God Hates Fags." His mission of hate grew national attention when his "church" protested the funeral of Matthew Shephard. 

Without a doubt his actions are revolting! 

But, should LGBTs picket his funeral (when that time comes)? What is there to gain other than generating additional media attention for his message of hate? Or should the LGBT community show quiet respect when Fred Phelps Sr. is laid to rest?

I believe it's important to allow his hate filled legacy to quietly fade.

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