Glam Tie Media releases 'Carousel', a new video for Sami Grisafe

Thu. February 27, 2014 4:22 PM by Anthony Morgano

sami grisafe

photo credit // facebook

‘Carousel’ is a combination of Sami Grisafe’s folksy rock style and honest lyrics.

Chicago's own Glam Tie Media is excited to release a new music video for singer-songwriter and women's football star Sami Grisafe - her fourth officially released video. "Carousel" is a song off Grisafe's second album, "ATLANTIS," and videographer Jordan Lindley's latest creation "invokes the emotional uncertainty endured when we experience indecisive love."

"A poignant portrait of an open and simultaneously hidden passion that is certain to grab you and take you on an unforgettable ride," Vicious Muse's release announcing the video continues. "This beautifully made video expresses through lyric and music the internal tug of war created when we crave what is so very wrong for us."

"Carousel" is a telling sample of Grisafe's music, combining a folksy rock style with genuine and provocatively honest lyrics -- the song ends with a repeating couplet of "I wish confused girls weren't my type." The song is featured on Grisafe's second album, Atlantis, which is her first as a solo artist after releasing "Wick on Wax" as the lead singer of The Wick.

The openly lesbian musician and athlete is an active participant in the LGBT community, particularly in Chicago and Illinois. She was a headlining artist at the Rock the March concert, inspiring participants of the March on Springfield for Marriage Equality with her new song "Brand New Fairy Tale." At the special request of the governor, Grisafe also performed the national anthem at the singing of the Illinois Marriage Bill.

Grisafe came to Chicago from California to study at Roosevelt University, but first gained fame as quarterback of the Chicago Force, leading the IWFL team in it's perfect season and National Championship. She was the first female QB to throw a touchdown in an international women's tackle football championship during the first Women's World Championship in 2010 and and led Team USA to the decisive World Championship in 2013. It was before winning this game that her vocal talents also received international attention when she stunned with her performance of the "The Star-Spangled Banner."

"This is the most inspiring combination of sports and music you will ever see," reads the tagline of a Buzzfeed article showcasing the 2013 performance, in which Grisafe strummed along with a ukulele.

Currently, she is promoting the independent, non-profit documentary "Tackle Girls," which celebrates the Women's American Football Leagues and World Champion Team USA Football and explores the lives of players, including Grisafe, on and off the field.

For more information about Sami Grisafe, check out her website