Minibar owners to open two restaurants on Halsted, with skewers and Cajun

Mon. November 4, 2013 1:38 PM by DNAInfo Chicago

Chicago, IL - The dining scene on North Halsted is about to get beefed up. 

John Dalton and Stu Zirin, the owners of Minibar and D.S. Tequila, plan to open two new restaurants on the street, a meat-focused one in December and a Cajun one in March.

First on the plate — mEAT, a skewer restaurant at 3339 N. Halsted St., by Minibar, that will celebrate shared dining, Dalton said.

The food is meant to be ordered as a table and set in the middle to be shared, similar to some Japanese restaurants where eaters take what they want with chopsticks, Dalton said. Instead of chopsticks, mEAT offers skewers. 

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