University of Northern Iowa student Iowa's first transgender homecoming queen

Sat. October 12, 2013 1:25 AM

Cedar Falls, IA -
Tonight, University of Northern Iowa student Steven Sanchez made history as Iowa's first transgender homecoming queen. Steven was crowned homecoming queen sometime after 8 pm this evening, marking the first ever transgender homecoming queen for UNI. Coincidentally, today we also recognize National Coming Out Day, a day that celebrates the power of coming out as transgender, lesbian, gay or bisexual.

The following is a statement from One Iowa Executive Director Donna Red Wing:

"One Iowa applauds the crowning of Steven Sanchez as the University of Northern Iowa's first ever transgender homecoming queen. We commend Steven for being brave enough to be out and proud, and for taking this step forward in Iowa history. Steven helps give a voice and helps put a face to the transgender community in Iowa, making a difference as a person who changes hearts and minds.

"We couldn't be prouder of the students and faculty at UNI who have supported Steven and who voted to crown Steven as UNI's homecoming queen tonight. This is truly a magnificent moment for the entire transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual community of Iowa and across the nation. We could not be happier with this news, and once again I am proud to call myself an Iowan."












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