Gay-Themed TV Ad Deemed “Too Controversial” by Cable Operator

Wed. April 18, 2007 12:00 AM

Boy Butter ad to air in New York City and Los Angeles, but no in San Francisco

Calabasas, CA - The makers of "Boy Butter," a popular personal lubricant, were a little nervous about launching their first television advertising campaign, so they chose markets with a high gay (and presumably Gay-friendly) population. They got the OK from every city -- except San Francisco!

"The agents from Comcast in San Francisco declined to air our 'You Won't Believe It's Not Boy Butter' spot because it was deemed to controversial," says Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman.

The 30 second ad spoofs an iconic campaign from the early 90's, featuring only the hands of two men and a voice-over of playful banter tinged with mild sexual innuendo. One hand applies the Boy Butter as both men exchange a knowing giggle.

The commercial will air soon on mainstream cable networks like Bravo, Oxygen, E! and Logo in New York and Los Angeles.

"This will be the first gay personal lubricant commercial on TV,"says Feldman.

But the rejection in the world capitol of Gay culture shocked the team at Gay-owned and operated Boy Butter. "Another Gay milestone is happening and it is such a shame that San Francisco of all places will miss out on the fun. It smacks of anti-gay bias and makes me feel like fighting for truth, justice, and personal lubrication!" exclaimed Feldman.

See the commercial for yourself at You Tube.