Gay Games Chicago Registration Closes 15 June 2006

Sat. June 10, 2006 12:00 AM

Chicago, IL - It’s not too late to get in the game! Many sports have reached capacity but there is still time to be a part of Gay Games VII! Register today to ensure participation in your chosen sport or cultural event. Late registration for all sports & culture programs for the 2006 Gay Games MUST CLOSE on 15 June 2006.

Chicago organizers of the Gay Games highly encourage those who have delayed their registration to complete this process as quickly as possible to avoid losing a slot in their favorite sporting or cultural event. Basketball, Figure Skating, Soccer, Swimming, and Tennis are all quickly reaching capacities and may close prior to 15 June 2006. Band, Badminton, Golf and Racquetball are closed and Ice Hockey is closed to new teams. Sailing, previously closed, has been re-opened due to a change in the schedule. However, there are only THREE boats remaining.

Tickets Remain Available
Tickets to the Opening & Closing Ceremonies, sports & cultural events, and affiliated events and parties are not affected by the registration closure. Tickets to all events are available at