Falwell Bans Virginia Activist Group from University

Mon. March 13, 2006 12:00 AM by GayWebMonkey.com

Roanoke, VA - The Rev. Jerry Falwell has once again become a thorn in the gay community’s side by banning an ancivist group of gay rights advocates from appearing at his Conservative Christian Liberty University.

According to Southern Voice, the Soulforce Equality Ride, a group of 35 LGBT members, has launched a nationwide tour of Christian campuses to promote an end to the discrimination of our community.

But co-director Haven Herrin announced Monday that Falwell had banned the group from appearing at Liberty, saying he had called the visit a fundraising ploy and that he would not permit his school to be used for a media demonstration.

Members of the Virgina based Soulforce say they were greeted with cookies when they met with Liberty students on campus last spring to discuss the treatment of the LGBT ccommunity. Falwell says one visit was one too many.

"The parents of our students have entrusted their sons and daughters to our care," he said in a statement received by Southern Voice. "Liberty has an obligation to these parents not to expose their children to a 'media circus' that might present immorality in a positive light."

University spokesmen would not say whether the activists would be arrested if they went onto the private college's property for a rally. Up to 75 people are expected to join the group in Lynchburg, Herrin said.

According to Liberty campus police’s Deputy Chief Greg Berry, his department was conferring with city police on Wednesday. City Police Capt. Brandon Zuidema said officers would be outside the school Friday.

Written By Danny McCoy

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