Collegiate Hubcaps Catch on with Wheel Fans

Tue. September 18, 2001 12:00 AM by XPresspress

Orlando, FL - If bumper stickers, magnets, license tags and window flags aren't enough to show how much you support your college team, an Orlando company has just the thing: Collegiate Hubcaps! Patented by Central Florida entrepreneur John D. Smith, Collegiate Hubcaps are made of PVC Plastic, attach quickly to a vehicle's wheels with industrial strength fasteners, and have been racetrack tested to 140 mph! Clever Covers, Inc. is the only manufacturer of Collegiate Hubcaps in the US.

To date, Clever Covers, Inc. has been licensed to produce Collegiate Hubcaps for four universities: the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Miami, and the University of Central Florida. Smith plans to add another 50 university licenses by the year 2003. Clever Covers Inc. will eventually manufacture hubcaps for other sports, including the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, PGA and NASCAR.