Bike Tours Booming with Lance Win in France

Thu. May 31, 2001 12:00 AM by XPresspress

Somerville, MA - Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong may be awash in yellow, but bike tour operators are covered in green. The Lance Armstrong story and his three time win of the Tour de France also is a big win for DuVine Adventures tours in France. DuVine Adventures operates deluxe cycling / wine vacations in the vineyards of France. The company has seen a 100 percent increase in revenue this year to date. a division of DuVine Adventures is on track to generate one million dollars in sales this year offering European rail passes online.

DuVine Adventures President Andy Levine, 31, attributes much of his company's recent growth to the Lance Armstrong story. Armstrong has been the subject of many network and cable news features about health, and the front running story as a Tour winner. "Business has increased at a quick pace over the past five years and this is the best year yet. We're running more private trips and increasing services to clients with private jets. Lance is a real inspiration. I think he's a reminder of the importance of enjoying life, working hard, having fun and the wonderful joy of cycling in France."

Most of DuVine's sales come from referral, repeat travel and the growth of travel on the Internet. "The hardest part of booking our trips is finding air tickets, planes are crowded. People call us while looking at the website and book right away. Everyone seems to want a vacation to get out, and stay healthy, drink wine and bike.

"Lance is dong a wonder for our business. People want to get out on the roads of France and feel the same adrenaline and inspiration as Lance. But our trips are not even close to being as difficult as the Tour."

Additionally,, a division of DuVine Adventures, is positioned to be the leader in online Eurail passes.

"I love the Internet," says Levine. "Our clients needed to get to Burgundy and Provence from Paris, so viola, we created Not only are our bike tours doing great, but we are making beaucoup bucks on rail tickets!"