Lesbian Rocker Ember Swift Teams With PETA

Tue. July 5, 2005 12:00 AM by GayWebMonkey.com

Lesbian rocker Ember Swift has teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to support the cause of preventing animal neglect and abuse.

The singer currently has an exclusive interview posted at PETA2.com talking about vegetarianism - and why the causing of saving animals is so close to her heart.

It seems Ember Swift has a thing for chicks - and fluffy little baby chickens too. In a brand-new public service announcement (PSA) for PETA's youth-focused division, the acclaimed Ontario-based singer/songwriter and longtime vegan appears with a baby chicken and the tagline "Chicks Love a Vegetarian." And even though her summer festival tour is heating up after just playing the "Same Sex Show" at the Toronto Convention Centre, Ember took time out to record the interview featured on PETA2.com.

A vegetarian for more than half her life, Ember, who is currently in the running to be crowned PETA2's "Sexiest Vegetarian" in PETA2.com's online poll, says she made the decision for "animal rights reasons, for political reasons, for humanitarian reasons, certainly for environmental reasons, too." A songwriter since the age of 9, Ember is multilingual, boasts a degree in East Asian Studies, and runs a record label - Few'll Ignite Sound - which released her latest album, Disarming.

"I feel really strongly that small acts of heroism and courage-activism in the form of what you purchase at a grocery store-have a huge impact," Ember says. "If we all took that approach or have that attitude, then we can make a huge difference."

Ember joins an ever-growing list of musicians-including Tegan and Sara, Le Tigre, Peaches, and Melissa Ferrick - who have teamed up with PETA2.comto inspire kids to challenge outdated, cruel attitudes about animals. Also featured on PETA2.com are celebrity interviews, message boards, merchandise, downloadable voice-mail recordings, and chances to win great prizes like free concert tickets, autographed CDs, and more.

For more information about Ember, please visit EmberSwift.com.

To view Ember's exclusive video interview or to vote for Ember as "Sexiest Vegetarian," go to PETA2.com.

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