4 charged in Lakeview mob attack

Mon. July 9, 2012 7:29 AM by Chicago Breaking News

Chicago, IL - Four men were accused of bailing out of a limousine and beating three people, breaking one man's jaw and slightly injured a police officer, authorities said this morning.

The attacks happened about 1:10 a.m. at Clark Street and Cornelia Avenue, just south of Wrigley Field, when several people jumped out of a white stretch limousine, police said.

The four suspects, Corry Simmons, 32, Donald Robinson Jr., 31, of Alvin L. Goffin, 32, of Edward Robinson, 31, were all charged with single counts of felony mob actions, police said in a news release.

Several people from the limousine started punching and hitting another group of people, and someone who was with them began recording the attack on video, said Chicago News Affairs Officer Daniel O'Brien.

In addition to mob action charges, Simmons was charged with aggravated battery and misdemeanor resisting arrest; while both Robinsons were charged with aggravated battery and misdemeanor issurance of a warrant.

All four men are expected to appear before a judge later today.

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