Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

1060 W Addison St., Chicago, IL 60613

(773) 404-2827

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Wrigley Field is the home of the Chicago Cubs. It is located on the corner of Addison and Clark in the heart of Chicago's "Wrigleyville" neighborhood (for obvious reasons). When it was built in 1914 Wrigley Field was called Weeghman Park for its original owner, Charlie Weeghman. It was then the home of the Federals, also known as the Chi-Feds and the Whales, in the old Federal League. The Federal League went out of business soon after, in 1915. After that, the Cubs were moved from Cincinnati into the Friendly Confines. In 1920, the park was purchased from Weeghman by the Wrigley family, of Wrigley Gum. For six years it was simply known as Cubs Park. Then in 1926 it was renamed in honor of William Wrigley Jr. In 1981, the Tribune Company purchased the Cubs and the field.

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