Letter to the Editor: Feigenholtz on HRC's All Children – All Families program

Tue. April 24, 2012 11:14 AM

Dear Editor:

As an adoptee and LGBT ally, I wholeheartedly support the Human Rights Campaign's efforts on behalf of prospective adoptive LGBT parents.

The Windy City Times recently reported on the Human Rights Campaign's pioneering All Children – All Families program to recognize adoption agencies that demonstrate a staunch commitment to LGBT equal rights. Qualifying agencies must show proof of their clear non-discrimination policies, staff sensitivity training, family training initiatives and gender inclusive language in their internal and external communications.

The best interest of children should always be the first and foremost concern in any foster care or adoption. As an adoptee, I know that "best interest of the child" means unconditional love, an unwavering commitment to parenting, and fostering a sense of safety, home, and belonging. I also know that none of this is pre-determined by the age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or marital status of parents.

I applaud the efforts of the Human Rights Campaign to ensure that members of the LGBT community have equal access to adoption services while simultaneously giving children an equal opportunity to find a loving family.

Sara Feigenholtz
State Representative, 12th District

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