Easier Pizza Delivery On Horizon

Sat. January 6, 2001 12:00 AM by Business Wire

Las Vegas, NV - Motorola today announced that it is conducting a market trial to test consumer acceptance of mobile commerce applications for rapid delivery of goods and services delivered to consumers via the mobile Internet -- beginning with hot pizza.

Motorola is conducting the trial with Domino's Pizza(R) to test the consumer market for this new method of ordering pizza. The trial, which includes residents in the Las Vegas area, takes place during the coming months and will allow consumers to order pizza for either pick-up or delivery. Consumers can select pizzas and order them directly from their mobile phones over the wireless Internet.

"Since its inception, Domino's Pizza has been a company of innovation," said Jack Scheible, senior director of customer relationship management for Domino's Pizza.

"We are excited to be working with Motorola, a global integrated communications leader, to learn about this new segment and to participate in this important market trial."

During the trial, Domino's will be assessing how orders from Web-enabled cell phones can become a viable alternative distribution channel to reach new and existing customers.

"We are looking forward to evaluating all the benefits that the mobile Internet has to offer directly to hungry shoppers on the go," said Bohdan Pyskir, general manager of Motorola's Pizzacast(TM) Mobile Shopping Core Solution Center, Personal Networks Group.

"We have kept our Pizzacast solution as simple as possible, making Motorola mobile commerce applications 'as easy as PIES' (Personal, Instant, Everywhere and Secure)," Pyskir said.

Motorola's Pizzacast Mobile Shopping solution is a portfolio of mobile commerce solutions, enabling the delivery of local goods and services to consumers over the wireless Internet. These solutions include, among others, point-of-sale and point-of-purchase m-commerce applications, a proprietary database management system, profiling and location-based systems and a dedicated wireless advertising engine.

"Mobile Shopping" is designed to provide an alternative distribution channel for vendors seeking to extend their existing Internet-based services directly to the mobile consumer.

As such, the Pizzacast Mobile Shopping solution enhances the efficiency of mobile commerce applications. Pizzacast Mobile Shopping provides an added-value proposition for each element in the newly emerging mobile commerce value chains.

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