National Tree En Route

Sat. November 25, 2000 12:00 AM by Internet Wire

Denver, CO - Senator Ben Nighthorse-Campbell gave the National Christmas Tree a low-tech send-off.

``Breaker break, you truckers have your ears on? What's your 10-20? This is Nighthorse and Santa Claus and 20 elves delivering a Christmas tree to Washington, D.C., and we've got a convoy.''

The 65-foot, 77-year-old blue spruce was cut in the Pike National Forest in the mountains southwest of Denver before Thanksgiving and sent on its 2,000-mile journey Friday.

Campbell, R-Colorado, even helped the effort — at the wheel of the tractor-trailer hauling it. He drove trucks for a living in the 1950s and renewed his trucker's license last year.

Celebrations are planned in 19 towns along the route in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.

Campbell is driving a donated truck accompanied by a fleet of National Forest vehicles and 20 helpers.

The tree will arrive in Washington on December 4th and the lighting ceremony will be December 13th. Colorado schoolchildren made about 4,000 ornaments to decorate the tree at the Capitol.

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