Holiday Gifts For That Special College Student

Wed. November 15, 2000 12:00 AM by Internet Wire

Cambridge, MA - With the holidays fast approaching, what are you going to buy for that special college student in your life?

Education enterprise portal provider, Mascot Network surveyed over 1800 college students to find out what electronic devices and gadgets they most desired. When asked which device they would most like to have from a choice of products, students overwhelmingly chose cell phones over PDAs, MP3 players, pagers, and Minidisc players, and microwave/refrigerators over TV/VCR units, videogame systems, laptops, and digital cameras.

“Because Mascot is already a part of student life, we can use technology to learn about some of the current trends and desires of college students,” said Jaja Jackson, Co-founder and President of Mascot Network. Mascot Network provides a virtual, campus-specific online student center to 85 colleges and universities across the United States, serving over 600,000 students.

Of the over 1800 students surveyed, 788 most wanted a cell phone, followed by handheld personal organizers (373). Cell phones received twice as many votes as any other choice of gadget, which also included PDAs, MP3 players, pagers, and Minidisc players. Interestingly, the pager, one of the most popular gadgets of the last decade, received the smallest number of votes from these college students. Microwave/refrigerator combinations won by a landslide, receiving 374 votes, three times the number of requests for TV/VCRs (104), videogame systems, laptops and digital cameras.

Colleges polled included Columbia University, Arizona State University, Providence College, Manhattan College, Kilgore College, Spring Hill College, University of Mobile, University of North Alabama, Anderson and SUNY Oneonta.

“This was not a scientific study nor was the data sold,” said Jackson. “We poll students on a regular basis on topics of interest to them, to get a sense of what’s hot and what’s not.”

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