Broadway Too Hot for GOP

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New York City - Delegates to this summer's GOP convention in New York won't be seeing any of this year's biggest Tony Award winners when the party gets conventioneers out to see Broadway.

Convention organizers are setting up "nights out" for the delegates and their spouses, but when it came time to order tickets, the GOP decided the crop of Broadway's best was too queer.

"Avenue Q" is verboten. It won Tonys for best book and score, but for Republicans there are just too many four-letter words, and the the subplot where two gay characters who fall in love offended the party's party organizers' "family values".

"I Am My Own Wife" is also on the 'no go' list. The play won this year's Tony for Best play and earlier this year won a Pulitzer. No matter, it's about a transvestite.

Then there is "The Boy From Oz". Star Hugh Jackman won Best Male Performance in a Musical for his role as Peter Allen, the Australian singer and former husband of Liza Minnelli. It's on the banned list too because Allen was gay and died of AIDS.

The biggest winner at the Tonys with five awards, Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins," was vetoed. The musical is about nine killers and would-be killers of U.S. presidents, including the man who tried to kill Ronald Reagan.

Even last year's big winner, "The Producers" is on the list. It has a transvestite too.

So, what are the GOP delegates being trucked off to see? The party has bought blocks of tickets for "The Lion King", "42nd Street" and "Aida". Perhaps no one told the Republicans that the music for "Lion King", and "Aida" was penned by Elton John, and we know what he is.

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