New Lincoln Park business brings back glamour of historic pharmacy

Tue. April 26, 2011 3:50 PM

aaron’s apothecary, 2338 n. clark

The grandeur of the apothecary is reborn at Aaron's Apothecary

Chicago, IL - Aaron's Apothecary, 2338 N. Clark, is one of Chicago's newest gay owned and operated business. It brings back the glamour of the historic pharmacy in a modern setting reminiscent of the golden days of apothecaries.

"We are opening Aaron's Apothecary because of our strong conviction that a pharmacy experience should be more than just a 45-minute wait in a cold, stale environment," says founder Aaron Pietrykowski. "Apothecaries represented a time when service and quality were met with pride, and we've set out to recapture this moment in time and revive how glamorous and extraordinary pharmacies once were."

Pietrykowski hopes to return to a time when the old neighborhood pharmacy was more than a place just to get a prescription filled. Apothecaries, as they were sometimes named, were pillars of the community vesting themselves in the city's neighborhoods. They were a place patients looked to as a source of wisdom and support.

"Customers will receive personalized attention and engage with the staff, who care about their well-being as patients and as people," Pietrykowski said of his new pharmacy.

Aaron's Apothecary stemmed from a life-long dream of Pietrykowski. Having worked for one of the last great independent pharmacies in Chicago for the past six years, he developed a keen sense of how to separate his store from the major players in the industry. Combining this with his extensive travels that let him see the great apothecaries of the world, Aaron has turned his dream into a reality, and has brought something special back to Chicago.

Upon entering the apothecary, it is immediately clear that this is not a typical pharmacy. Rich, dark wood fixtures are accessorized by antique chandeliers, vintage photographs, and the stunning apothecary buffet table. Ornate cabinetry is accompanied by a gilded jewelry vitrine, and sits next to a children's play area complete with a hand-carved kid's throne.

The hands of time are turned back, and the grandeur of the apothecary is reborn at Aaron's Apothecary.