Microsoft At 25

Tue. September 5, 2000 12:00 AM by Business Wire

Redmond, WA - Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft president and CEO, today charged Microsoft employees with making the next 25 years even more innovative and exciting than the last 25. At an all-company Safeco Field event commemorating the company's 25th anniversary, Gates and Ballmer discussed both Microsoft and industry milestones over the last 25 years and charted Microsoft's vision and goals for the future.

"Everyone is amazed at how far the industry has come. But in thinking about what will be possible within the next 25 years, we've really just begun," Gates said. "Back in 1975, Paul Allen and I saw the potential to turn a hobbyist's personal computer into a device that would revolutionize the world. In 25 years, we've accomplished a lot of things people said were impossible and we've shattered every myth about what the PC can do. But stand back, because the best is yet to come. I'm confident that we'll have even more impressive things to remember in our 50th year. We've got the people and the skills to make it happen, and we're just as passionate today about technology as we were back in 1975."

Ballmer echoed the challenge. "As we look ahead, we must deliver on the promise of Microsoft .NET, which is our biggest opportunity yet. .NET will change computing as dramatically as any development since the PC generation began," he said. "Over the next few years, we've got our work cut out for us in creating and enabling .NET. But we've got a clear road map, an unparalleled product line, fantastic leaders and incredible employees. It's our employees -- doing the best work of their lives, creating breakthrough innovations and revolutionary software -- who will make that happen."

Microsoft® .NET is a new platform, user experience and set of advanced software services that will make all devices work together and connect seamlessly. It will make Internet-based computing and communications easier to use, more personalized, and more productive for businesses and consumers.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 with three employees and first-year revenues of $16,005. The company went public in 1986. A purchase of one share in the IPO for $21 would equate to 144 shares today. Microsoft is currently the world's largest software company, with 39,904 employees worldwide and revenues of $22.96 billion.

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