Danny Davis warns Clinton to stay out of Chicago politics

Wed. December 29, 2010 4:17 AM by GoPride.com News Staff

clinton delivers keynote at chicago house luncheon in 2009

photo credit // katza webster
Chicago, IL - Chicago mayoral candidate Danny Davis on Tuesday called on Bill Clinton to stay out of Chicago politics.

Congressman Davis was responding to a release from Rahm Emanuel's campaign stating that Clinton would travel to Chicago next month to support his former aide.

"The African-American community has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the Clintons, however it appears as though some of that relationship maybe fractured and perhaps even broken should former President Clinton come to town and participate overtly in efforts to thwart the legitimate political aspirations of Chicago's black community," Davis said in a statement. "We respectfully request and urge former President Clinton not to become involved in the Chicago mayoral election."

Davis told the Chicago Tribune that he was not playing the race card in the mayor's race.

According to a recent Tribune/WGN poll, Emanuel continues to maintain a large lead over Davis and the other candidates in the race to replace Mayor Daley. Davis and Emanuel are favored equally among black voters.

The other candidates include former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, former school board president Gery Chico, and City Clerk Miguel del Valle.

State Senator James Meeks announced last week that he is dropping out of the race. Meeks was the lone Democratic vote in the Senate against Illinois' recently passed civil unions legislation.

The mayoral election is Feb. 22, 2011.

Race for Mayor, The Gay Vote: As this race continues to heat up, ChicagoPride.com will launch a series of mayoral profiles to run on this site in the coming weeks, spotlighting each of the major candidates' past records on LGBT issues and their proposals for our city's future.