Chicago Cardinal Mulls Sanctions On Pro Gay Politicians

Fri. April 9, 2004 12:00 AM by

Chicago, IL - John Kerry, Mayor Richard M. Daley, and other Catholic "pro homosexual" politicians could be denied the sacrament under sanctions being considered by Chicago's Cardinal Francis George.

In unusually tough talk by a prince of the church during Holy Week Cardinal George attacked public figures who do not follow Catholic teachings during a speech a City Club luncheon.

Some Catholic bishops across the country have refused communion to out gays and politicians who support gay marriage. Recently, George met with Mayor Richard M. Daley after the mayor announced support for gay marriage, but he has refused to say what he said to the mayor.

"I'm not discussing my private conversations with the mayor," George said. "There are not too many of them."
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has already been told not to go to some Catholic Churches in cities across the country because he would be refused the sacrament. But, no American Cardinal has publicly endorsed denying Kerry or other pro-gay politicians the rites of the Church.

George said that discussions are under way with priests and lay people to set a policy for the Chicago Archdiocese, although he indicated he may not endorse refusing communion.

Like New York and Boston, the Catholic Church has considerable influence on city politics.

The Cardinal then went on the attack against the Democratic Party.

"One can say, as I have, that the Democratic Party has lost its soul," George said. "One can argue that the Democratic Party never had a soul."

George said he would not make a hasty decision on how to deal with Catholic politicians with whom the church disagrees.

"Before a bishop moves, he better listen a lot," George said. "He better consult, particularly something which is political, because political issues divide."

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