DJ Martin brings the high-energy party to Northalsted and beyond

Fri. April 14, 2023 9:33 AM by Ross Forman

dj martin

photo credit // brad gebbia/bg photography

“I have enjoyed music as long as I can remember, but there was never an instrument that I really gravitated to. I was always interested in turntables.”

His style is an open format with a focus on R&B, hip-hop and high-energy – and DJ Martin seemingly can be heard all around Chicago, particularly in the Northalsted neighborhood commonly called “Boystown.”

Just consider his schedule:

- Thursdays at Replay Lakeview for ‘The Hiest’ with Robyn Banks. Has been his Thursday Turn-Up, too, at Replay Lakeview.

- Every other Friday at Hydrate Nightclub for ‘Now That’s What I Call Fridays!’

- Saturdays at Splash Chicago.

- Saturdays at Joy District for Drag Brunch, hosted by Khloe Daniels.

- Sundays at DS Tequila for 'Coyote Ugly Drag Brunch with Platinum Carrington and Pepper.

“I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities to play. I’m just so thankful that I have the chance to play some of my favorite records and sounds for people who enjoy them, regardless of genre,” said Martin, 34, who lives in Chicago and has been a professional DJ for only three years yet has been spinning for fun since his high school days.

“So many DJs inspire me. We would be here all day to list all. However, what inspires me is music, which seems like a lame answer, but hearing a fun song in my headphones or even when I’m out at the grocery store that I haven’t heard before really makes me want to come home and begin to work on finding a version that will get people dancing in a club setting.”

Martin added: “I have enjoyed music as long as I can remember, but there was never an instrument that I really gravitated to. I was always interested in turntables.”

When he got his first decent-sized paycheck, he bought a starter kit, which started his musical journey.

“My true first gig was in the backyard of my parent’s house maybe 15 years ago, with a bunch of random records on vinyl, hooked up with random wires and speakers. It did the job and we had music throughout the party. Thankfully everything worked,” Martin said.

Now Spinning … DJ Martin

Favorite DJs: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Miles Medina, A-Trak, Honey Dijon, Diplo and GetLive!

Three DJs To Keep An Eye On: “There are so many, with so many styles and sounds. If you walk up and down Halsted Street on the weekends or at any of the bars in Logan Square, or the huge nightclubs in or near the Loop, you'll find fire DJs in Chicago. So, keep your eyes on all the DJs in the city because there’ s a lot of greatness here.”

A Good DJ: “Is one who knows their records and knows the right time to play them.”

All-time Favorite DJ Gig: “A recent Saturday at Splash, when the dancefloor was busy all night and I felt like I had a fantastic flow to the whole set; that really made me proud.”

Now Serving, Drinks in the DJ Booth: Tequila shots and Red Bull

Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite Sport: Basketball 

Hobbies: “Cooking, traveling with my boyfriend and being with my friends.”

If I Wasn’t a DJ … “I would be trying to figure out another way to work with music or sound.”