Sex columnist Dan Savage creates new Youtube channel for gay teens: 'It Gets Better'

Tue. September 21, 2010 11:48 PM by News Staff

Chicago, IL - Sex advice columnist Dan Savage is reaching out to isolated gay teenagers with a new Youtube channel called "It Gets Better."

The first video features a discussion with Savage and his husband, Terry.

"I was picked on mercilessly in school, people were really cruel to me, bullied, beat up, thrown against walls, stuffed into lockers, people shit on my car, scratched my car, broke my car windows," explains Terry in the first video. "Honestly,things got better the day I left high school. I didn't see the bullies every day, I didn't see the people who harassed me every day. I didn't have to see the school administrators who would do nothing about it every day. Life instantly got better."

Savage created the channel partly in honor of 15-year-old Billy Lucas, a gay Indiana teenager who hung himself in the family's barn after being mercilessly teased at school.

Gay teenagers often write to Savage (whose column appears in alternative papers across the country) for advice.

Future videos will be created by users.

You can contact Dan Savage through his blog.