China's main LGBTQ advocacy group shuts down abruptly

Fri. November 5, 2021 10:12 AM by Gerald Farinas

china is cracking down on lgbtq organizations

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LGBT Rights Advocacy China has led major lawsuits in the Communist country for more rights

Considered the most influential LGBTQ advocacy group in mainland China, LGBT Rights Advocacy China has abruptly ceased all operations. It is one of the only queer groups in China to have affected the laws of the nation.

"We are deeply regretful to tell everyone that Queer Advocacy Online will stop all work indefinitely," the organization announced on popular social media platform WeChat.

It then closed their WeChat, Weibo, and other social media accounts.

Organizers have yet to issue an explanation or return requests for comment.

Among its campaigns, LGBT Rights Advocacy China has fought for marriage equality and protections for persons in the workplace, and educated the general public about LGBTQ identities and their related issues.

Government-sponsored Xinhua News Agency reported that Beijing is currently cracking down on "illegal social organizations" among which advocate for LGBTQ rights.

It is unclear if this particular organization was a victim of the latest purge.

Mainland China is currently governed by the Chinese Communist Party. It has a long history of human rights abuses which includes the persecution of political dissidents.