Puerto Rico launches LGBTQ tourism campaign

Tue. October 19, 2021 11:17 AM by Gerald Farinas

puerto rico

photo credit // gopride.com

'Live Out' campaign hopes to raise LGBTQ-based tourism and spending

Discover Puerto Rico, a nonprofit marketing group promoting the U.S. commonwealth, is hoping to draw more LGBTQ tourists and spending in the island with a campaign called, "Live Out."

The campaign shows off Puerto Rico's sites and amenities with a message of LGBTQ visitors being able to express themselves authentically and openly on the island.

Part of the campaign comes from the employment side, creating a larger LGBTQ hospitality employee-base to work at hotels, clubs, restaurants, and other aspects of the lucrative tourism industry. "Pathway to Employment" involves a partnership with Hospitable.me and Hyatt, among others.

"We are fostering a travel industry that is safe and welcoming for both guests and employees," Chief Marketing Office Leah Chandler shared with media. "By increasing representation and strengthening our position as an ally, we make Puerto Rico welcoming for all travelers and support a historucally excluded community."

Like many island tourist destinations like Hawaii, tourism has declined during the pandemic, caused by a mix of pandemic-related mitigation rules and fear of contracting COVID-19 and its variants.