LGBTQ patients sue insurance giant Aetna for discrimination

Wed. September 15, 2021 11:21 AM by Gerald Farinas

aetna is being sued over fertility treatment costs

photo credit // alicia petresc

Goidel v. Aetna alleges Aetna forces LGBTQ couples to pay higher out of pocket costs for fertility

A class-action lawsuit has landed at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan claiming health insurance company Aetna discriminates against LGBTQ patients. The suit alleges Aetna requires them to pay higher costs, out of pocket, for fertility treatments before they can be eligible for actual coverage.

CVS Health Corp., the parent company of Aetna, is not responding to requests for comment regarding what is now known as Goidel v. Aetna.

According to Aetna insurance policies, they will cover the costs of fertility treatments automatically if the couple claims they've been tryting to get pregnant for a period of time, usually six to twelve months.

However, many LGBTQ couples cannot get pregnant because of the absence of male-with-female intercourse.

According to plaintiff Emma Goidel, Aetna forced her and her spouse to pay $45,000 out of pocket for fertility treatments while cis-gender heterosexual couples get coverage automatically.

Goidel called it an "illegal tax on LGBTQ individuals that denies the equal rights of LGBTQ individuals to have children."

She also claims in the lawsuit that Aetna is breaking federal, state, and New York City laws.