Children's book editor, journalist to flee Hungary due to new anti-gay law

Tue. July 13, 2021 11:00 AM by Gerald Farinas

parliament of hungary in budapest

photo credit // pixabay

European Union condemns Prime Minister Orban and ruling political party

Since the ruling political party passed a new anti-LGBTQ law in Hungary, children's book editor and journalist Boldizsar Nagy has been receiving death threats from the public. They have been emboldened by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who supports suppressing civil rights of transgender and gay persons.

"I fear a little bit and that is why we plan to leave the country," the 38 year old said to the Reuters newswire. "There was one man who said, You are not a man, you are just a faggot and you should die."

Member states of the European Union have stepped in to condemn Orban, and the new law that bans media "[promoting or depicting] gender change and homosexuality" to minors.

The U.S. Embassy in Budapest said that it is deeply concerned by passage of law targeting specifically transgender and gay people.

"The United States stands for the idea that governments should promote freedom of expression and protect human rights, including the rights of the members of the [LGBTQ] community," the embassy said.

The European Union and U.S. also have reservations over the treatment of LGBTQ persons in Poland.