Historic Pabst beer mansion will now be queer, trans service provider

Thu. July 8, 2021 1:21 PM by Gerald Farinas

pabst mansion in milwaukee

photo credit // richie diesterheft

Gustav Pabst Mansion was a gift to his wife Hilda

It's almost certain that Gustav Pabst, scion of the famed Milwaukee brewer Frederick Pabst, never intended his mansion would be turned into a service organization's headquarters helping Hmong immigrants and LGBTQ persons.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the Pabst Mansion is now a property of the Hmong American Women's Association.

Tammie Xiong, executive director of HAWA, told the Milwaukee newspaper they will continue their work with "queer and trans people experiencing violence."

The Elizabethan-style three-story home was built in 1898 as a gift to wife Hilda Pabst. It eventually came into use by benevolent organizations, expanding the building to add healthcare and childcare spaces.

Gustav Pabst was president of Pabst from 1904 to 1921.

In addition to Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pabst also produces Colt 45, Old Milwaukee, Old Style, Schlitz, among other popular brands.

HAWA is raising money to make necessary fixes to the property.

Tourists wanting to look at the property can go to 3030 W. Highland Blvd. in Milwaukee, Wis.

Wisconsin is home to one of the largest Hmong communities. The Hmong, also called the Mhoob, were used by the U.S. to fight against Communist forces in Laos and Viet Nam. When the U.S. lost the Viet Nam conflict, many Hmong fled to Minnesota and Wisconsin where they were invited.