Motorola Launches Talkabout T900

Mon. May 22, 2000 12:00 AM by Business Wire

New York, NY - Building on its mission to bring truly personal technology to consumers, Motorola (NYSE: MOT) announces today the launch of its new Talkabout(TM) T900 personal interactive communicator (PIC), which offers low-cost two-way wireless messaging capabilities.

The new, compact, keyboard-based device enables users to send and receive text messages and Internet e-mail(a) -- as well as request up-to-date information from the world wide web(a) -- all from the palm of a hand.

Designed to complement today's active, social, on-the-go lifestyles, the Talkabout T900 PIC brings the world of wireless communications to everyday two-way conversations -- in an affordable and fun way. Exchanging text messages and wireless e-mail to plan a social date, schedule work appointments or just gossip is now as easy as flipping open the T900 PIC and sending a message from the full QWERTY keyboard. With the sleek Talkabout T900 PIC, users can communicate to anyone with an Internet e-mail address, a pager, another PIC or any other wireless device that has e-mail capability.

"With the explosive growth of the web and e-mail usage, people are communicating in a whole new way - and Motorola is providing exciting new technology solutions that fit these active lifestyles," said Amy Kabcenell, Director, Distribution Marketing, Wireless Messaging, Personal Communications Sector, Motorola. "The T900 personal interactive communicator makes two-way connections easier than ever for people on the move. Now they can connect on a personal level and literally talk without talking."

For social butterflies and active over-achievers who want to exchange the latest news, plan a hot date or reschedule a meeting, the Talkabout T900 PIC makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and associates no matter how late the hour. Its mega-sized built-in address book stores contact numbers of 250 friends, family and co-workers, including e-mail addresses, pager and mobile phone numbers. It's ideal for party-givers or those who must share the latest joke or newest bit of gossip with everyone.

The Info-on-Demand feature enables users to request and receive customized information(a) from the Internet via their wireless carrier on traffic jams, weather conditions, movie showtimes, horoscopes and more. News junkies can even check the latest headlines, sports scores, entertainment scoop and stock quotes services.

Because even the most outgoing youths crave privacy, the Talkabout T900 PIC honors that need with a user-selectable Private Time feature that automatically turns off all alerts during pre-selected times. Messages continue to be received by the Talkabout T900 PIC during these times and can be replied to at any time. The flip-top unit's compact four-line, 80-character display keeps interactions private - because there's no audible conversation for others to overhear. And the completely discreet, vibrating alert -- one of 13 user-selectable alert options - keeps incoming messages just between the sender and recipient.

For the truly shy, the T900 PIC lets users flirt without having to face the objects of their affection, ask embarrassing questions without having to blush and have the courage to tell friends how they really feel. "A device like the T900 PIC really lets people have their say and express themselves in a new way. And it to gives them time think of a snappy reply," adds Kabcenell. "`Talk W/O Talking(TM)' has become a viable and fun way of communicating."

Other feature highlights of the Talkabout T900 PIC include Optimax(R) EL backlighting for the display and additional backlighting for the keyboard, which makes it possible to use the device in low-light conditions or dark places, such as a dance club or movie theater.

Generous memory - 128 kilobytes in all - stores lots of messages, which are never missed - even if the device is turned off - thanks to Motorola's Confirmed Message Delivery technology. A built-in alarm clock and a reminder alert keep users on time for appointments or classes, while user-selectable alerts can be set to highlight specific incoming messages or information services.

Measuring a compact 3.19 x 2.15 x 0.90-inches, the Talkabout T900 PIC comes in four bold colors to suit the mood or the outfit -- Aqua Ice, Razberry Ice, Mystic Blue and Opaque Black. It is expected to be available starting June 2000 at wireless carriers, retailers and resellers nationwide for a suggested retail price of under $200.

The T900 runs on Motorola's ReFLEX(TM) protocol technology, which helps improve reliability and extends battery life.

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 1999 were $33.1 billion.

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