Sean the Star Emperor's “Paradise” is the post-mask bop you didn't know you needed

Sat. May 15, 2021 9:30 AM by Gerald Farinas

sean the star emperor

“Any way you like, wake up to Paradise.”

It’s a resplendent thought—especially after being worn down to a jilting standstill in the pandemonium of pandemic.

But California artist Sean the Star Emperor’s newest bop is a playful peek pop of bold and bright in the pre-post-corona Universe in which we exist.

Sean reminds us in this standalone piece of art—a child of the Universe where he is Celestial Monarch—to enjoy small tastes of adventure in a lead up to the better.

You can have those tastes right from your couch to right outside your door, in your neighborhood.

“I ain’t got much, but girl let’s kick it. This couch is a one-way ticket.”

Start having that playtime in the small ways, the not-so-costly ways, he shares.

Fun is what we make of the conditions. But considering recent news of opening back up to pre-pandemic ways, the song can be consumed in a different way.

The CDC is feeding us the glimmer of post-mask life—and Sean is queering up the glimmer into a full torrent of starbright.

If the amazingly painted yet simple music vid filmed on a Golden State side street doesn’t highlight that message, you might be blind.

Have your paradise, any way you like—right now—because baby, the good stuff is coming.

And these small bits of joy will ready you for the big blasts of fun.