LGBT groups endorse straight man over lesbian for Ann Arbor Mayor

Wed. June 30, 2010 12:20 AM by News Staff

patricia lesko

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Ann Arbor, Mich. - The Michigan Democratic Party's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Caucus has endorsed a straight man over a lesbian opponent in the race for mayor.

John Hieftje is the incumbent. reports that he has a record of supporting LGBT rights, and campaigned against a statewide ban on gay marriage.

His opponent, Patricia Lesko, has been criticized for playing loose with the facts and for running a website that attacked Hieftje, then lying about it. also reports that Lesko claims to be the CEO of an educational publishing company, but does not mention that it's a small, home-based business.

Lesko herself is now the focus of an anonymous online attack: a website called "Lesbians Opposing Lesko" claims she is a vindictive person who shouldn't be voted dog catcher.

Still, Lesko does have the endorsement of the Ann Arbor Police Officers Association and IAFF 693 Ann Arbor Firefighters.

Mayor Hieftje is putting his faith in the voters, who will go to the polls on August 3.

"It's been my experience going back to her many months as an anonymous blogger, attacking the city and members of council, that it wasn't very truthful," Hieftje told "But I really believe that Ann Arbor voters are some of the most intelligent that you'll find anywhere, and they'll figure it out."