Phenomenal living with Cameron Phillips

Sat. September 7, 2019 8:34 PM by Bill Pritchard

cameron phillips

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Toronto, Canada - Over the past 4 years online influencer Cameron Phillips has shared his experiences and lessons; growing a brand whose content is refreshing and real. I stumbled upon Cameron on YouTube, where he posted day-in-the-life videos of a normal student soaking up life. The videos showed what he was up to, cooking for friends, and ultimately his adventures at university, traveling abroad.

Spend any time with Cameron, you'll get the sense that he's pretty authentic. Probably why I like his content so much! His passion for cooking, coffee, and adventures in travel allow those of us who follow his YouTube channel and podcast to want the same.

In my search for new pieces for my flat, I found myself happy to see that Cameron had already done the legwork, partnering with He even snagged pieces at, which makes me happy for obvious reasons.

In a world where there is so much crap on the screen/scene, I'm pretty sure Cameron Phillips is geared up to bring a refreshing, "iconic" take to life and all it has to offer. In my opinion, he's worth the follow.