California gay marriage ban trial to wrap up in June

Thu. April 29, 2010 12:00 AM by News Staff

San Francisco - The federal trial on whether California's voter-approved ban on gay marriage is constitutional will wrap up in June.

The trial had been on hiatus while gay and civil rights groups fought requests to turn over internal documents. Those documents are from 2008, during the campaign to fight Proposition 8.

Closing arguments are now scheduled for June 16. The judge heard two weeks of testimony in January.

However there still may be more delays, as anti-gay groups try to get evidence stricken from the record. In particular, "Project Marriage" want to remove homophobic emails and memos written by Prop. 8 supporters.

Those emails describe gays are pedophiles and claim that legalized gay marriage will create more gay people.

Lawyers for the anti-gay group say including those memos and emails as evidence violates the writers' freedom of association.