Rep. Dan Lipinski says he'll vote for LGBT protections bill Equality Act

Thu. May 16, 2019 2:19 PM by Carlos Santoscoy

photo credit // cpan
Illinois Representative Dan Lipinski on Wednesday announced that he will vote for the Equality Act.

Lipinski, the only House Democrat to not co-sponsor the Equality Act, made the announcement in a speech on the House floor.

"All Americans deserve equal treatment under the law and should have these rights protected, including individuals in the LGBT community," Lipinski said. "At the same time, the free exercise of religious belief is a core ideal of our country, protected in the Constitution and through federal law."

"It is critical to ensure that religious freedom stands a chance to be fully lived out and fairly treated in court. This week, I will vote for the Equality Act for the broader goal. But before it becomes law, we must do more to ensure religious liberty," he added.

Last week, LGBT rights advocate GLAAD had called on Lipinski to reverse course.

The Equality Act, which is expected to reach a House floor vote this week, seeks to add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights laws.

On Monday, the Trump administration said that the president is opposed to the legislation.

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Lipinski's primary challenger Marie Newman had criticized his position on the Equality Ac

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