What the girls hate and the boys adore

I am crunchy on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside -- that's our Miguel. I'm a potent combo of loyalty to my friends (except for the occasional boyfriend/gurlfriend-stealage), brutal honesty, fits of demanding behavior, and spasms of unexpected total generosity. Being generally fabulous, I might sometimes come off paper-cup deep, but to my real friends (and fans) know that I've got an ocean hidden underneath that well-dressed surface.

~~~~~~Typical Quote:
"Funny how something is cool one year and so totally uncool the next. Kind of like people."

well i'm 19 and I'm from the Dominican Rep. I love dancing or walking in the moonlight. I love life and makeing people happy. I love being out and makeing a big party but i can still hang with my friends watching movies by our selfs. I really just want to meet some one cool that i could hang out with. You know a friend my be some thing more. I have been out forever and my friends and family are cool but i still have to good though a lot of B.S. but we all know how that is. Am some one who will be haveing a bad day and still care about about others bad day and thats who i want.

Likes: People who feel good with them selfs. People who can let go and just have fun and just gose and a moonlight walk at midnight with me just to see the moon and my be get a kiss

Turn-offs: No one can really turn me off but people who talk about stuff like they know everything. Gets me so mad. People who have no real self respect and take it out on others. I can't stand that more then anything.



Bicycling in the mid of the night. Charity I help out at the church every Sunday with the kid programs. Dining out getting some drinks can be fun. Movies take you on a ride, I have to see them at last one time a week. Music Latino, hip-hop, R and B, Dance! I love all kinds. Reading can be fun too a book on my top list is Wicked. Shopping when I have money is the great. Going with my boys and my girls and chill-n at the mall. There's no better day. I really want to go Traveling. I love the Dominican Rep. I'm going to live there one day. God willing. Writing is also some thing I do to have fun. People love most of what I put on paper. It makes me feel good you know I can help. Other then that well K.H.2 and rock band kind of have taken over my live. I work at a band. I know it's super kool. lol. I have a dance team and we rock.

Favorite music

Bands i love? Right now i'm ina reall diney mood so. Prima J (Rock Star), Brick & Lace (Love is wicked), Daechelle (fearless), NLT (heart burn), Chelsea staub (It's all about me), Sean Stewart (In Crowd), Slumber party girls (MY life), Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical 1,2,3, Rihanna, Corbin Bleu, Aly and AJ, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Jesse McCartney, B5, Hilary Duff. There all great. i also love latino music bachta the most. and well Dance and Hip hop.

Favorite food

Anything thats pull in my way

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