I'm a really nice caring guy.
I'm looking for that in return.
I'm focused and I am set on getting what I want and need.
I'm going into my 3rd year of college.
I'm an Artist. Im smart. I dont take crap and I love just having fun.

I am revamping this old profile just to network and look for new people in the community. Im looking to make friends, socialize and just be a part of MY community again.

It feels like I have been just isolated for so many years. Im OUT for a second time I guess, who's gonna show me around? lol

I Love who I am. I am not your typical skinny gay guy(at heart maybe) lol. I play football and soccer. Plus I like wrestling for fun. Most people are shocked to know Im gay. I say, "Why?" Just cause I dont look it means nothing. I love being Gay. Looking "Straight" is not something I like to hear. Its not like I try to....who cares. Im kinda offended that I had to put "top". lol I usually dont do labels and thats private.

Likes: Awkward....O_O Umm...Muscles, Stimulating Conversation, Body and ummmm LEATHER?? lol

Turn-offs: People who dont have their Shit (business) Together. and of Course UGMO's (Ugly Motherfuckas)...thats a little harsh...Looks mean a little as far as how well one keeps themselves. There. :)

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Dancing, Photography, Vlogging, All types of Art. Swimming, Football, Baseball, Volleyball and just having drinks and kicking it too.

Im not on all that Online nasty stuff. Lets just keep it nice and neat. :)

Not up for too much online talking after 2 weeks if we dont just hang out or sunthin....Eeeek. You gone. Im looking to build on my social butterfly skills. I like face time with People, NOT ALL CHAT ONLINE TIME.

If you need a Photoshoot or Headshots Im your man...

Favorite movies

I have tons of favorite Movies, but to keep it brief...ANYTHING with Will Smith in it....

Favorite music

BRB gotta write down

Favorite food

Turkey Burgers...

Favorite TV shows


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