You found Me! What are your other 2 wishes? ??

Is this site still running?! Just saw I had an unread message on an old email I don't use but has to get into. It's been about 5 years since I was last on I think.. snap me eliza22reyes and we can go from there more easily if you like.

strong, adventurous, outgoing, and hilarious :P my names beth and ive never dated or been with a guy, nor do i have any interest to.. however, most of my friends are guys.. i dont hate them. i actually act like one myself. total guy in the brain.. the weird thing about me is that i like to change my appearance often. usually depending on who im with.. i dont like to stereotype myself as being butch or femme.. instead im both.. there are days where i dress up.. and days where i dress butch.. youll see what i mean in the pictures.. pick out what u like and ill dress that way for u cuz it doesnt matter to me.. currently my hair is short but im growing it out for a vacation coming up.. im into working out and doing the tough mudder race in october which is 13+miles and obstacles. im training myself for it and canttt waittt. super psyched. also going to jump out of a plane this year. im always up for anything so i hope u are too. ive only had 3 serious gfs.. and only slept with those 3. i dont sleep around.. never been me. im not easy to get to or easy to keep, but if u can win me over u must be pretty great. :)im not really picky and up to talking/meeting with anyone on heree. just be confident that u can show me a good time

Likes: feminine girls, butch girls, funny personality, nice smile, flirtatious, athleticism, smart, social

Turn-offs: quiet, boring, no fashion sense, bad hygiene



Rollercoasters, waterfalls, cats, penguins, dirtbikes, Honda, tacos, hotdogs, guitar hero, black ops

Favorite movies

ALL HORROR, underworld, transformers, resident evil, bourne movies, ferris buellers day off, crossroads, mean girls

Favorite music

Anything with a good beat or a sexy singer

Favorite food

Mexican, seafood, chinese

Favorite TV shows

one tree hill, buffy, friends