College student getting ready to graduate! Hopefully off to medical school! I love going out and having a nightlife! I normally never say no because it closes doors that should stay open! I love going to the city and I hope to end up there one day! Love making new friends!

Im a young male who loves to have a good time. If you are able to keep up with me then we should become friends. I love to meet new people and I am very easy to get a long with. No body art even though i want some. I am extremely tall! Friend me if you wanna find out more!

Likes: Brains, confidence, masculinity, people who are happy, and I love people who are adventuress (aka going outside)

Turn-offs: Being Stupid, people who don't give me my space when im at the clubs and try and eat my face (true story), people with bad taste in music, people who are afraid of being themselves.



Cooking, reading, running, movies, my research lab. Did I mention movies! Going out with friends and having a good time. Being awesome and then finally love me my drinking time! I also love doing things outdoors. These include BOATING!!! Camping, running, cooking out, swimming, hiking..really anything. That is why summer and fall are my favorite seasons!

Favorite movies

I actually have a lot!
Just so you get a taste!
300, Pride and Prejudice, Shelter, Rent, Chuck and Larry, Kill Bill, LOTR!

I could really keep going!

Favorite music

I honestly like a lot of music too! Almost every genre!

Favorite food

Um to ask me this is really funny! I am always eating!

Favorite TV shows

True Blood
Ugly Betty