MoDeL In PrOgReSs

well my name is luis...
iam puerto rican
and mexican even if i dont like the mexican part have my reasons its personal life things
but i accept it kinda ish....
iam a cool person or at least think so i have my retarted moments lolz (dont we all)
iam easy to talk to iam a total gentelmen but dont take advantage i dont take b.s
but yea anything else hit me up!!!

iam a happy friendly person easy to get along wit

Likes: somone who knows how to be a lover, and bestfriend at the same time and has tatoos.piercings.isnt important much

Turn-offs: over agressive. cheater. heart breakers. just gloomy ppl



love music like crazy ill admit its my addiction
just like dancing and finding new songs and stuff

umm iam into running i was in crosscountry but it finished so iam in track now

i like to hang with freinds and go places with them and meet new ppl i find it fun
And make videos of wat we do while we hang out its funny
and love taking pics either of myself or the world and ppl around me

and going out to eat iam a little fatass at heart lolz cuz its hard 4 me to gain wait even if i wanted

and just trying new things as much as i can
even going to downtown with a all day pass and just get lost like literally

and i think thats it cant think of more at the moment

Favorite movies

anything basicaly >.<

Favorite music

omg were do i start i love it so much
i find all music least some of every kind

Favorite food

lolz iam a fatass loves 2 eat...

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