Small town Iowa boy from a large family - was 1 of 11 kids all born in span of 15 years. Raised on a milkman’s salary - at 8 yrs old I delivered papers at 5am 7 days a week. Seems I’ve been working since - all through high school and college, the last 10 years as a CPA and CISA (auditing). I had a daughter before I finished high school - she’s 18 today (in one of my pics). A little over one year ago my 8 year relationship ended with the first guy I ever kissed - I’m ready to look for new friendship, romance, and hopefully the guy I'll spend the rest of my life with. I may be a little shy on first contact, but I warm quickly. I’m not a player, although my gushing ways have often lead people to think I am (what can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic). I’m caring, openly affectionate, humble (yes, but I may not always act like it ;) and friendly.

Likes: Fun guy that knows the value of family and friends. Someone that doesn’t take life too seriously, yet has solid work and ethical values. A guy that’s willing to follow the heart and take chances, but not dramatize or chase trivial matters (no drama queens). Social, but enjoys quite time with just the two of us - whether at home or traveling the world. A guy that’s in shape, but doesn’t have to be ripped - just smooth. I prefer ethnic men that are relatively small - preferably between 110 - 185 lbs.

Turn-offs: Anyone who is rude or disrespectful (especially to parents). Guys who complain about things, yet do nothing about it. Anyone looking for a quick hook up that has zero interest in the possibility of exploring a relationship. Guys who are arrogant and pretentious.

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