Well let's see, I guess am loyal, motivated, driven, trustworthy, affectionate, and honest. I always strive for the best and expect that in return. I love to laugh, so a sense of humor is a huge turn-on!! God has blessed me with amazing friends and a beautiful family. Hopefully someday I will build a family of my own with that special someone. I love going out to dinner and spend countless hours talking. I also enjoy movies, plays, sporting events, weekend road trips, dancing, and of course traveling. I absolutely love traveling! And sometimes even on a short notice...MIRE218@hotmail.com

Likes: a sense of humor, witty, confidence, sporty, educated, intelligence, deep conversation, cuddling, honesty, integrity, and being easy-going.

Turn-offs: petty, dwell on small things, flaky, instability, immature, not motivated, and don't keep your word.

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