i live in east lakeview, i run along the lakeshore. i'm an interior architecture student. i work partime. i try to be accepting of new ideas, criticisms, different cultures and religions. i'm a low key kind of guy. not into the bar scene at all... although i might come out once in a while. i find more pleasure in cooking, reading, hanging out with my friends over dinner and a movie. i'm very affectionate and resposive to romance!

Likes: usually attracted to gentlemen bigger, taller, broader and older than i am - although there are always exceptions. i like men that are interested in self-improvement, smart, funny, worldy, endearing, passionate and affectionate. i'm looking to date mostly, interested in finding a friend, companion and most importantly someone who is interested in being part of a team. at this point in my life hook-ups are absolutely out of the question. i don't have time to sleep with strangers.

Turn-offs: twinks, drama queens, know-it-alls, smokers. people that are unwilling to look at situations from both sides. (i try hard to find reasons why people do the strange things they do.) no goals.

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