Sexy Surprises

Thu. February 7, 2008 12:00 AM
by Feature Column

By Jason P Freeman

It's the time of year when VD stands for Valentine's Day and the tantalizing topics of lovers are open for public discussion, no matter how taboo. Banking on the air of salacious sharing that becomes prominent around February 14, ChicagoPride.com canvassed community locals to ask: "What sexy surprise do you want this Valentine's Day?"

Ashley Frye, 22; Seamstress
Though Ashley Frye is currently unattached, she says she wouldn't mind if someone surprised her with flowers and a private, candle-lit dinner. When asked what was so sexy about that, she simply said, "It's a classic for a reason."

Jeff Velis, 44; Dance Company Executive Director
Jeff Velis didn't even need to pause and think; he knew what he wanted this VD right away. "Strawberries and sweetened chocolate, drizzled from the chin to the happy trail and on the tip." And what tip would that be? "The tip of the strawberry," Velis said. "What did you think I was talking about?"

Chris King, 24; Pre-Med Student
When not studying biochemistry and physics, Chris King likes to cook. Using his culinary expertise, King's VD cuisine would consist of, "A ‘certain someone' naked on a spit, glazed in sweet and sour sauce."

Wade Schutte, 25; Bartender
Wade Schutte doesn't want to be surprised this Valentine's Day. Schutte says he's already told his boyfriend of eight months what he wants: "Red-leather wrapped handcuffs," Schutte explains, "with no key."

Shanna Behrend, 40; Social Worker
After dating her boyfriend for two years, Shanna Behrend says there's only thing she wants from her Valentine. "An African tribal love stick," Behrend says, and offers no additional explanation.

Scott Gokey, 35; Volleyball Coach
Scott Gokey didn't say he wanted an all-night, gay sex fest on VD outright. Yet he pretty much implied it when he mentioned that he'd like it very much if his boyfriend of 14 months surprised him with a night's stay at a downtown Chicago hotel.

Matt Amador, 28; Actor
Of his favored sexy VD surprise, Matt Amador says, "Penicillin." No clarification was requested.

Dustin Steva, 29; Student
Dustin Steva—locally famed for supposedly dancing in a pair of mesh underwear on the bar-top at Spin in Boystown—says his salacious and sexy surprise would be a striptease. However, the underwear he wants his private dancer to don will have to be retrieved from Spin first.

Maurice Dampier, 34; Stylist
In all fairness, Maurice Dampier may have already tied one on a little when he said that he wanted red satin jock straps and thongs for Valentine's Day. "Hot and wet," Dampier says, "I want it like that, yeah."

Whatever the sexy surprise be this Valentine's Day, the contributors and staff of ChicagoPride.com wish everyone a happy and healthy one. Play safe.