Dear So and So....The art of writing a note

Wed. October 10, 2007 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

Daily my Mom writes cards and letters to Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends! Its funny how most people take a note for granted. I've always been blessed to get notes from my Mom! Whether it is for some holiday, occasion, or "just because", (Those are my favorite!) she takes time out of her life every day to encourage and uplift people.

There's something special about a piece of paper with the positive thoughts of someone you care about on it! Email and text messaging have a great place in today's communication, but there is something so unique about a card, note, or letter from a friend or loved one.

I would like to challenge you to take the time to give someone a card or note today . It doesn't have to be a long letter. It can be a few words of encouragement, care or praise. Here are some ideas on how to take this challenge:

Buy a nice card at the store . In addition to the words you write, the document you write on says a lot! Honestly, it doesn't cost that much and it really adds to the statement. I don't know about you, but I've had myself some terrific moments in the Hallmark store. They truly have cards for every occasion! You can get big ones, small ones, loud ones (They are the best) and sensitive ones.

In many situations the card itself can say it all for you. I've been lucky over the years to have my own stationary. My wonderful Aunt Peggy has her own press and always made us kids personalized stationary. It adds the tailored touch!

Try mailing the note . (That's with a stamp on an envelope.) It's pretty easy to do, however, if you only have the partial address for someone but don't have their zip code, get on your favorite internet search engine and it should be able to give it to you. Of course the direct approach is always best. "May I have your address?"

I've found that a note will reach it's person within 2 days. Imagine what it would be like to find a letter in your mailbox today! Truth is, when I get home if I find a letter in my mailbox, I feel so happy!

Have the letter or note waiting for the person in a special place . A relative of mine always used to say that the best part of going on a trip is coming home. When I came home from a trip not to long ago, my best friend had a card waiting for me. I can't tell you how warm it was to come home to that! He went out of his way to place it in just the right location and it made my year!

One night when I arrived home, there was a note waiting for me on my door from my next door neighbor Adrianne. I'm sure that it only took a few moments to for her to write, but it made me feel like my home was a nice place to live! It was such a surprise!

I hope that you will take the challenge to make the difference in someone's life by taking the time to give someone a card or note today.