Valentine's Day Cocktails

Wed. February 7, 2001 12:00 AM
by Feature Column

Whether you're planning a romantic night at home or hosting a singles party, the right cocktail will put you in the mood this Valentine's Day (or any day really). Some of our favorite bartenders serve-up sexy cocktail offerings for you to romance up the day.

Minibar's super hot Alex is the Boystown boys choice for Valentine's day; however, this straight boy has his eyes on choosing a special girl for the day of love. To that end he is serving up Cure Royal's, a mixture of champaign and chambord (raspberry liquor). With a tasty adult beverage like this, we can imagine that Alex will have everyone feeling a bit bubbly!

Boystown's lesbian lover Amy Gaw at Hydrate is stirring up a sinful concoction of raspberry vodka and cranberry juice. As yummy as this cocktail is, its presentation is even better. DAMN you're hot Amy!!

Jeff at Hamburger Mary's wants to heat-up hearts and wet lips this Valentine's Day. His drink of choice is Mary's exclusive specialty, the Hot French Kiss. Jeff chooses this coffee-based cocktail because he says, "Kissing is one of my favorite hobbies," and mixes in some Chambord, Starbucks Cream Liqueur, and just a dollop of whip cream for a warm wintery presentation. Though Jeff was camera-shy behind Hamburger Mary's bar, he offered a self-portrait taken with his cell phone to complement his quote.

Right as you walk in to Cocktail you are greeted at the bar by Val ! This sweet man sure knows his stuff when it comes to serving luscious libations! Val invented a beverage just for us. It's called the Duchess Anastasia and is it succulent! Comprised of both white and dark Godiva chocolate liquors, its finishing touch is with a dash of raspberry vodka. Delicious!!

Always the romantic, @tmosphere's Ricky suggests the Sweetheart for you and your sweetheart on February 14. He chooses the Raspberry Stoli, Seven Up and Cranberry concoction for the pink-red coloring and the general "feel good" feeling the drink elicits.

Rumors of Clark's on Clark closing may have been exaggerated as Jaime is still there mixing up Mojtos. Admittedly a libation more popular in the summertime, Jaime says he enjoys the Mojito's mix of mint, rum, soda and brown sugar during the colder months. "It's the only rum drink I'll drink," he shares, and adds that the cool, refreshing Mojito evokes a sense of lazy warm weekends even in winter.

Jason Freeman and Bill Pritchard contributed to this article.