Rev up yours hydration routine with Vitapods

Sun. January 28, 2024 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

We can all up our water intake for the new year and this Nunn found a fun way to accomplish that goal. Vitapods is a mouthwatering way to hydrate your system and boost your metabolism. Many of us are lacking the electrolytes and antioxidants to get us through the long winter months. The creators of Vitapods are trying to rectify that with a doctor-formulated product.

One way is with a countertop machine similar to Keurig coffeemakers that use K-Cup pods. The population has become a land of pod people, so to help reduce the carbon footprint the company provides a free mail-in bag to send used pods directly to the recycling center.  

Fuel up with the new Vitapod Go a 22-ounce stainless steel bottle with an optional straw. Simply place your choice of pod inside the lid face down then twist it until you hear a pop. This mixes the flavor with the water in the bottle. Shake for about 10 seconds then drink up!

The iced tea comes with a peach flavor and the blackberry mint will boost your immunity a bit. Green apple will up one's game in the sports world and orange zest will amp up one's energy.

A 22-count variety pack of all 11 flavors includes Hydra+ pineapple coconut, watermelon and cotton candy among others.

Beauty+ has a raspberry hibiscus taste with collagen, biotin and vitamin E for healthier skin. There are sugar-free options and sodium is used sparingly. No artificial sweeteners are used and all of the flavors are gluten and dairy-free.

Inspired by the waterfalls of Glencoe, Scotland, there's a rainbow of colors to choose from and each pod is packed with the minerals iron, zinc and boron.

Prices start at $50.99 and a sampler pack on is $79.84.

Don't fall into a thirst trap, revitalize with this unique water enhancer today!


Visit to order accessories individually or set up a subscription to keep the pods going.