The Handy and CarnalPlus have devilishly teamed up for a match made in Heaven

Sun. October 22, 2023 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The Handy and CarnalPlus have devilishly teamed up for a match made in Heaven. The Handy Interactive Stroker is a masturbation machine created by Alexander Bjorkmann from Oslo, Norway. It's a sleek and modern device that when placed on the abdomen a textured sleeve in front will massage a person's member mechanically.

This boy toy might make Madonna blush as far as erotica goes, but it's a stimulating treat that's perfect for October, so give yourself or someone else a Handy this holiday season.

The team at Carnal+ has released 350 original titles that will synch up with the interactive device for some fun fulfillment in film fantasy. Become one with the movie as this handy dandy contraption collaboration will take partakers on a futuristic journey that's out of this world. Other partners playing with The Handy include FeelMe, SynchMo and SexLikeReal. It's a little more complicated than just yelling “Alexa, pair my penis pump” though and following the manual is important.

Immerse yourself in this interactive world by brushing up on videos offered to instruct users on the websites for assistance. Paper instructions also will accompany the order with a quick start guide. There are important cleaning directions to make your stroker last a lifetime and do not use around water if the product is damaged or without the sleeve filmly attached.

The Handy sex toy for men can be bought on as well and retails for slightly over 200 hundred dollars. Additional TrueGrip sleeves are available for purchase to freshen up the feels such as the shapely Pearl sleeve or try an open-ended Coral attachment for a completely different sensation.

It's part of the Mermaid Collection for the little merman in your life!

You can sync videos, including virtual reality gadgets, or let someone else take over with a remote control. Go offline and control it yourself as The Handy tool always defaults in that mode when first turned on. Just plug it into an outlet to begin as no batteries are used inside your new best friend.

This stroke of genius will keep gay porn lovers in ecstasy for a long time to come. It is professionally crafted with increase and decrease buttons to control the action. Want the focus on the top of the penis head instead of the lower part of your salami? That's easily adjustable with the up and down motion controls that go from zero to 110 millimeters. One size fits all with a velcro wraparound strap, so sit back and enjoy the sometimes bumpy ride.

Let your fingers do the walking over to and order this scandalous Scandinavian creation today.

Parties interested in a powerful pair with video interactions should visit and receive a 15 percent discount using the code CARNAL15OFF.